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    MAGFORMERS at Spielemesse
    • Date : 2017.11.29
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    Magformers participated at Spielemesse (“Games Fair” in English) at Messe Stuttgart in Stuttgart, Germany on November 23 -26, 2017. As South Germany's largest games fair, it offers visitors a wide range of toys, games and puzzles as well as educational games. The 36 square-meter booth displayed a various products including the best-selling Magformers 30 Set, Space Wow Set, Princess Set and Mini House Set, only to name a few. Play tables were filled with kids who could not resist making builds with Magformers, while adults were able to make purchase from POS. Around 500 copies of catalogues were distributed during the 4 days during which nearly 150,000 visitors made their ways into the exhibition hall, and Magformers even had an opportunity to appear on local television as a reporter stopped by at the booth.




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