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Recent news of Magformers

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    Launches 'Magformers Program’ in Thailand!
    • Date : 2018.03.22
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    Gymboree Play & Music Korea announced that they will launch the Magformers program on Gymboree Play & Music Center in Thailand. The Magformers program is a creative class which utilizes the mathematical and creative educational toy, 'Magformers'. This program is created and developed by Gymboree Korea in 2012 independently and all Gymboree Play & Music centers in Korea are running this program with step 3 curriculum for kids from 30 months to 7 years old.


    In the Magformers program, children explore topics through a variety of visual materials and activities; understand the principles and concepts of science through brainstorming techniques for generating more ideas; and implement the concepts while creating models applied with the principles of science.


    In addition, children can experience technology engineering through the new accessories, and enhance their creative · integrated thinking while making imaginative models.


    The Magformers program will be exported to the Gymboree Play & Music in Thailand around April. Before its official launch in Thailand, 4 teachers from Gymboree Play & Music in Thailand was invited to attend the first global Magformers program training session held for 3day from February 20 to 22 at Gymboree Play & Music head center in Korea.


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