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Recent news of Magformers

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    Magformers Awarded Lion Mark of Quality by BTHA
    • Date : 2018.07.10
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    Magformers UK has been accepted as a member of the BTHA (British Toy and Hobby Association), one of the most highly-regarded toy industry associations in the world. As a result, the BTHA Lion Mark can now be used on all UK Magformers products and located alongside the CE and ASTM marks. The Lion Mark was developed in 1988 by the BTHA to perform a function not covered by the CE Mark, namely, to act as a recognisable consumer symbol denoting safety and quality. To achieve it, Magformers operations in the UK and the manufacturing process and standards of our products are reviewed and have to be passed by the BTHA board of Directors. It is testament to the way our products are manufactured and designed and the ICTI / ISO accreditation that we have acquired, as well as the best practices put in place by the United Kingdom as a supplier - not only direct to consumer but to leading retailers in the UK. The Lion Mark indicates that the toy has been made by a member of the British Toy & Hobby Association and therefore denotes the member’s commitment to adhere to the BTHA Code of Practice which includes rules covering ethical and safe manufacture of toys, a ban on any counterfeit goods, an assurance to market responsibly, a commitment to improving sustainability and a desire to promote the value of all play. Unlike the CE Mark, therefore, the Lion Mark is truly a consumer symbol. It means that consumers can be assured that a toy which bears the Lion Mark has been made by a member who believes in making good quality, safe toys. Only BTHA members are allowed to display the Lion Mark. A BTHA member must have signed a declaration by which they agree to adhere to responsible marketing practices and strict safety and ethical manufacturing standards and they must sign a licence agreement with the Association which sets out the terms of its use. Failure to abide by these terms will lead to revocation of the licence. The BTHA Code of Practice ensures that our members not only meet current UK legislation, across a range of issues from safety to advertising, but often surpass the legal requirements to meet the best practice guidelines that make up the Code. Said Magformers UK managing director, David Kelly: “I believe the Lion Mark really matters – it is a sign of high quality, great value toys; not just sold anywhere, but sold to retailers who share our core values and principles. A brand that symbolizes credibility, passion and commitment, sold & managed by a team who carry those same values.” As a sign of the new partnership with the BTHA, a Magformers Giant Robot is on permanent display at the BTHA main offices in London.


    There are many benefits to our business being members of the BTHA including

    •          Help and advice on any industry related issues

    •          Protection of business interests

    •          Toy safety consultancy

    •          Listing on the BTHA website

    •          Use of the lion mark on all packages

    •          Discount on space at London Toy Fair

    •          Public relations support for the industry

    •          Representation at all parliamentary and EU levels

    •          Use of BTHA meeting rooms and conference facilities

    •          Helping to stamp out copycats and fake toys entring the UK market

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