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Fake Product Examples

This is the tub that the fake product came in. Unfortunately it is labelled “Magformers”, but is clearly not a genuine Magformers® product
This is the “warning” label appearing on the tub.
This is the booklet (unfortunately referring to the fake product as “Magformers”). Unlike what is stated in the booklet, genuine Magformers® come in more shapes than just squares and triangles, but the bigger concern is of course the danger associated with the inferior fake product.
It was immediately apparent that the quality of each piece was inferior. This piece showed stress marks and had a crack in the plastic.
And from a different angle, you can already see how dangerous this piece is.
Here is the other side.
With a little bit of force applied, the magnet fell out!
With only slightly more force, the two pieces of plastic came apart, and all four magnets fell out! With a little bit of force applied, the magnet fell out!
We were then just left with two broken pieces of cheap plastic and four very strong magnets. Obviously, this can be extremely dangerous for young children.
Magnets with a high magnetic flux which can easily detach from the toy. If a child swallows them, they could attract one another, causing intestinal blockage or perforation.