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Brand Vision

Introducing the birth of brand and the history of Magformers,
and its own unique and creative brand philosophy.

Brand Vision


Children's brains have enormous potential. By being exposed to various mental stimuli, children can develop a three-dimensional and multifaceted way of thinking.

Magformers aspires to become the ‘Global No.1 Edu-Play Brand’ by utilizing 3D Brain Training to nurture three-dimensional thinking.

Brand Mission

It may seem obvious that magnetic objects
attract and repel each other, but to children, it
is an entirely new and mysterious concept.
Magformers is a ‘Fun-Edu Toy’ that stimulates
the brain by combining magnetic forces and
geometric shapes to create a variety of
different structures.

Brand Core Value

The core values of Magformers are manifested in the form of mathematical thinking, creative play, self-directed learning and lifelong educational toys.

Brand Core Value 내용에 대한 테이블
Mathematical Thinking Magformers nurtures mathematical thinking through geometric and three-dimensional educational play.
Creative Play Magformers is capable of a variety of applications and provides new methods of play everyday.
Self-directed Learning Magformers has an element of fun that sparks genuine interest and curiosity in children and encourages them to independently join in on the fun.
Lifelong Educational Toy Magformers provides entertainment and the pleasure of intellectual growth to customers of all ages.