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We, Magformers, are committed to creating a better future for children by building a safer and healthier environment. This involves various initiatives and activities aimed at promoting sustainability.

As part of this effort, we are continuously striving to create sustainable value by improving our products, contributing to society, and strengthening our business competitiveness.

에코 프랜들리 아이콘

For Eco Friendly

We are gradually taking steps to incorporate eco-friendly materials into our magnet pieces, accessories, and packaging. This includes gradually replacing PVC with TPE, a biodegradable material that has a lower impact on the environment. Using recycled plastic in our products also helps reduce carbon emissions.

Reduction of Global warming potential

The use of recycled plastic could reduce global warming potential by up to 38 percent, as it significantly reduces carbon emissions.

제로 웨이스트 아이콘

For Zero Waste

We are also working towards a zero-waste future by reducing the amount of inner filling materials and switching to recyclable paper-based materials in our packaging. By utilizing sustainable resources, we aim to help improve environmental issues and create a greener future.



·Plan to start mass producing recycled ABS materials (1) for Magformers magnet pieces.

·Second half year: aim to fully transition all of our plastic wrap packaging to paper materials.


·In the process of fully replacing PVC (2) with TPE (3) in all of our accessories and discontinuing the use of PVC.

·Plan to test the use of recycled ABS materials in our magnet pieces.

·First half year: will begin using eco-friendly plastic/ Second half year: will start using FSC (4) paper packaging


·Transitioning from PVC to TPE in all of Magformers plastic accessories.

·Evaluate the feasibility of using recycled ABS materials in our magnet pieces.

·In discussions about using eco-friendly plastic wrap, blister (5)and paper packaging, with a target implementation year of 2024.


·Tested PVC materials in Magformers accessories and figures.

·Applied PET material blister to all product lines.

·PVC blisters removed from 48.9% of all products.


·In the process of replacing PVC with PET materials for our running SKUs package.


·Introduced PET material packaging.

·Shrank the size of the package boxes for new items and replaced PVC blisters with plastic shrink wrap packaging.


·Expanded sustainable package type (Pop-up box, Shapes&More Set)

·Removed the blister from the running SKUs


·Introduced sustainable package type (Storage box)

·Removed the blister of Korean deluxe item


·Introduced paper package and buffer

Explanation of Terms

(1)Recycled Materials

Magformers magnet pieces are currently made of ABS, a synthetic resin that is heat and damage-resistant compared to typical plastic. In the near future, using recycled plastic in the production of Magformers can not only help increase the utilization of waste plastic, but also reduce carbon emissions, contributing to environmental protection.


PVC, Polyvinyl Chloride, can contain environmental hormones and disrupt the endocrine system. Although Magformers uses certified PVC that does not detect Phthalate plasticizers, there is still a risk of harmful substances during production and disposal. To mitigate these risks, Magformers is planning to switch to TPE, a thermoplastic material.


TPE is a thermoplastic material like TPR and TPU and considered eco-friendly due to the lack of toxic substances and the absence of the need for plasticizers during production.


FSC certification is a widely recognized, strict standard that helps ensure the long-term protection of forests and reduce negative impacts on the environment and communities. With FSC label on the product, the whole process can be traced from the forest to the consumer.


Blister is a plastic packaging material that is molded to the shape of the product.
Magfomers used to use PVC blister but has been switching to PET blister since 2020 and also has a plan to implement more sustainable packing ways.