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3D Brain Training
From 2D to 3D thinking

Magformers helps children realize their latent abilities by nurturing a ‘3D Brain’ capable of deep, multifaceted thinking.

More Than Just Entertainment
The Benefits of 3D Brain Training

‘Magformers 3D Brain Training’ helps develop a three-dimensional brain that organically interlinks and balances the eight essential mental capabilities of sensory development, modeling, creativity, curiosity, mathematical thinking, imagination, scientific thinking and reasoning.

  • Sensory

    Practice fine motor skills and stimulate brain development by touching and assembling different Magformers pieces. Develop sensory abilities by interacting with various colors and sounds.


    Improve modeling skills by working with magnetic blocks.


    Enhance understanding of three-dimensional configurations and develop creative instincts while creating three-dimensional figures.


    stimulate curiosity by encouraging them to independently create various structures during creative play, thereby providing a sense of accomplishment.
  • Mathematical

    Develop quantitative reasoning skills by exploring concepts such as space, portions and wholes, patterns, and two-dimensional shapes.


    Expand the limitless imagination of children by connecting and assembling various blocks to construct original structures.


    Improve scientific reasoning capabilities by using the properties of magnets to create various structures.


    Improve reasoning faculties by visualizing and turning informational pictures in two-dimensional booklets into three-dimensional figures.