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value of Magformers

Magformers is the lifelong learning tool that was developed
with educational effects for baby and child as well as all ages.

Sensorimotor Stage (Birth to Age 3)

In this period, 80% of brain development is formed. The brain and nervous system’s development are accomplished through sensory stimulation activities and the movement of the fingers.

Learning Effect

  • Stimulating visual sense with various colors and shapes.
  • Stimulating auditory sense through the crisp sound of attaching / detaching.
  • Increasing recognition skills of colors and shapes
  • Building hand-eye coordination by attaching / detaching Magformers.
  • Developing gross motor skills and find motor skills by moving arms, hands and figures.

Passionate Exploring Stage (Age 3 to 5)

In this period, children explore their environment with enthusiasm. It stimulates their curiosity while trying to control surrounding things by themselves. Their symbolic thinking is developed, and the overall form of play represents forms of imaginative play and pretend play.

Learning Effect

  • Increasing manipulating skills of fingers.
  • Enhancing divergent thinking, imagination, creativity through spontaneous play.
  • Developing formative arts skills and understanding symmetry, Construction, side and line.

Independent Behavioral Stage (Age 5 to 7)

Children’s actions are triggered by their self-reliance, independence and accomplishment. Abilities to think and express with their own unique ways are developed. Play is performed by their own creativity and originality.

Learning Effect

  • Understanding basic mathematics concepts such as portion and whole, correspondence, and patterns.
  • Comparison of the shape and size, location and direction of top and bottom/right and left to understand the concept of semiotic relationships and spatial awareness.
  • Enhancing creativity, problem-solving skills, independence and confidence.
  • Developing language skills.

Concrete Thinking Stage (Age 7 to 12)

Children are able to think specifically and reproduce in detail about what they have experienced around the world. Through this process, observational skills, analytical and logical thinking skills are developed.

Learning Effect

  • Building observational skills and analytic thinking to create various objects.
  • Developing spatial perception by creating buildings and structures.
  • Developing logical thinking and reasoning.
  • Building creative problem-solving skills to make complicated structures.
  • Combining mathematical concepts and science principles to make magnetic constructions.