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How To Spot The Fakes

Please be aware that some sellers will tell you that their product is “compatible with” or “works with” Magformers (these are most likely lower quality fakes). These will generally have a generic name, or may use a slight variation of “Magformers”, but because many of them use the same (or similar) logo style, color and even tag line, it might be confusing to the untrained eye…unless you know what you are looking for.

Others will, unfortunately, tell you that their product is a “genuine” or “original” Magformers product, when it is not, so it will pay off if you know how to spot the fakes.

Here’s how to tell:

Fake products used to be sold in plastic tubs, however many are now sold in boxes of all sizes, some of which are copies of Magformers box designs, including the exact or very similar photos, logos and tag lines. So please read the logo carefully and ensure that it is a genuine Magformers product.
Every Magformers shape, and most accessories have the word “Magformers” stamped / embossed on the shape or piece itself.
Some imitation products, usually from overseas sellers, are sold in plastic tubs, buckets or cans that have the word “Magformers” on the container, but do not use the easily recognizable red logo. Others are sold in bubble wrap without a box. Here are a couple of examples of fake Magformers products.
Imitation products also have less design, shapes and sets available, which limit what your child can build with them. They also lack the accessories found in many of the genuine Magformers sets. Why would you want to limit your child’s imagination with less shapes, designs, accessories and sets?