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A comprehensive set including many pieces and accessories for creative play with large models


Magformers S.T.E.A.M Basic Set comes with magnetic pieces and various accessories. While playing with the moving Power Block, children can take a step closer to becoming well rounded.


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Basic Shapes

Triangle X 28
Square X 30
Isosceles Triangle X 8
Rectangle X 6
Pentagon X 2
Hexagon X 2
Diamond X 4
Trapezoid X 4
Arch X 4
Sector X 8
Corn X 4
Sphere X 8
Half Arch X 4
Semicircle X 8
Right Isosceles Triangle X 4
Mini Rectangle X 8
Mini Sector X 8
Super Triangle X 4
New Super Square X 6
Super Rectangle X 2
Super Arch X 4
Super Sector X 8

Basic Accessories

Insert Square X 10
Click Wheel(Mix) X 4
Mirror Piece X 6
Mirror Card X 2
Boy Square X 1
Girl Square X 1
Power Sound Block X 1
Battery Pack X 1
LED Sphere X 1
Engine Block X 1
Walking Block X 1
90 Female Connector X 2
Auto Connector X 2
Figure X 1
Space Back Pack X 1