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팝업 닫기


A set for constructing a variety of buildings with the use of house accessories, including bricks, windows and stairs.


The Magformers Village Set allows children to make different buildings in the Magformers Village.


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Basic Shapes

Triangle X 9
Square X 28
Isosceles Triangle X 4
Rectangle X 10
Trapezoid X 4
Half Arch X 2
Isosceles Right Triangle X 2
Circle X 1
Super Triangle X 2
New Super Square X 7
Super Trapezoid X 4

Basic Accessories

Bar X 1
Pipe Connector X 1
Window Single X 2
Window Double X 2
Balcony X 2
Brick X 20
Door X 1
Stairs Block X 1
Window Grid X 4
Tree X 2
Wall Light X 1