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A comprehensive set including many pieces and accessories for creative play with large models


Magformers Top Builder Set comes with 380 magnetic pieces in 20 different shapes based on mathematical shapes, and 85 accessories in various themes including gear, house and carnival. It’s a set the whole family can enjoy. Have fun creating models with various themes using 6 figures.


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Basic Shapes

Triangle X 100
Square X 100
Isosceles Triangle X 20
Rectangle X 16
Pentagon X 12
Hexagon X 20
Diamond X 12
Octagon X 4
Trapezoid X 12
Arch X 8
Sector X 8
Corn X 4
Sphere X 8
Mini Rectangle X 8
Mini Sector X 8
Super Triangle X 8
New Super Square X 12
Super Rectangle X 4
Super Arch X 8
Super Sector X 8

Basic Accessories

Insert Square X 10
Pulley Block X 2
Crane X 2
Propeller X 1
Antenna X 1
New Rotate Block X 10
Ferris Wheel Base X 1
Ferris Wheel Side X 2
Ferris Wheel Y-Shape X 2
Ferris Wheel Axle X 1
Ferris Wheel Circular Parts X 2
Click Wheel X 8
Boy Square X 1
Girl Square X 1
Astronaut Square X 1
Alien Square X 1
Princess Square X 1
Window Single X 2
Window Double X 2
Balcony X 2
Brick X 10
Window Grid X 4
Tree X 2
Contructor Square X 1
Big Gear X 6
Small Gear X 5
Hexagon Play Ground X 1
Square Play Ground X 2
Gear Handle X 1