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A comprehensive set including many pieces and accessories for creative play with large models


The MAGFORMERS Brain Evolution Set is a deluxe set that includes various shapes of magnet pieces and accessories. Kids can shape things with magnet pieces, recognize natural shapes, and acquire curiosity and expressiveness for things. You can also get brain training effects through the process of creating and designing objects to move using various accessories.


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Basic Shapes

Triangle X 40
Square X 50
Isosceles Triangle X 8
Rectangle X 4
Pentagon X 2
Hexagon X 2
Diamond X 4
Trapezoid X 4
Arch X 4
Sector X 8
Corn X 4
Mini Rectangle X 8
Mini Arch X 4
Mini Sector X 8
Super Triangle X 4
New Super Square X 6
Super Rectangle X 2
Super Arch X 4
Super Sector X 8
Oval Arch X 2
Oval Sector X 4
Window Triangle X 8
Window Square X 12

Basic Accessories

Boy Square X 1
Girl Square X 1
Princess Square X 1
Contructor Square X 1
Alien Square X 1
Astronaut Square X 1
Insert Square X 6
Click Wheel X 2
Pulley Block X 1
Crane X 1
Propeller X 1
Antenna X 1
New Rotate Block X 3
Triangular Pyramid X 8
Bar X 2
Super Bar X 2
Window Single X 4
Window Double X 4
Balcony X 2
Brick X 8
Door X 1
Stairs Block X 1
Window Grid X 4
Tree X 2
Log Balcony X 2
Log Brick X 8
Log Window X 4
Log Window X 2
Grass X 6
Fence X 6
New Power Engine Block X 1
Engine Module 1-Way X 1
Engine Watch X 1
90 Female Connector X 2
Walking Block X 1
Auto Sliding Block X 1
Big Wheel X 2
Propellers Wheel X 2
Square Auto Connector X 2
RC Block X 1
Head Block X 1
RC Front Wheel X 1
RC Remote Control X 1